For two weeks in 1987, a German tourist with an arsenal of weapons terrorised the Australian Outback.

The Pentecost River Crossing, Western Australia. A popular tourist and fishing spot is close to the location of three of the Kimberly Killer’s murders — Photo: Wikipedia

Before gun control, Australian mass shootings weren’t at all uncommon.

The Wahroonga house (left) where four members of the family were found dead . A note left next to the bodies led police to a block of flats (right) where the bodies of a man woman from the same family were found — Images: Sydney Morning Herald

The 1981 shooting is one of the reasons why gun control was introduced in Australia.

A house similar to that lived in by the Daoud Family in 1981 — Photo:

How the quest for a fair and equal society has lost its way

Image: Deposit PhotosStyf

Equality of opportunity is not the same as equality of outcomes

At the risk of attracting the wrath of the PC brigade, I feel I have to point out that we have taken certain aspects of our quest for a fair and equal society too far.

Hungary’s healthcare system buckles under the combined weight of Covid-19 cases and mass staff walkouts.

Hungarian medical staff — Image: Hungary Today

In a year known for disaster, what else could possibly go wrong?

Elf Fudge & Elf Loki are back for 2020 — Image: Facebook

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Here’s a new way to enjoy the world’s largest social media platform and have a laugh at Facebook’s expense

Gum trees blowing in the breeze — Image: Liam Saville

Blackheath, NSW. Australia — Phot: Liam Saville

After the devastating wildfires, the Australian bush is…

(Photo: Liam Saville)

Liam Saville

A writer of words and a teller of tales — Liam Saville is a novelist, writer and blogger.

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